Machine Keystock Express’ goal is to offer lower prices on machine key stock and ready-to-use machine key sizes than other sellers.

All listed items are in stock and we ship our machine keys from the USA quickly! We ship only to the USA and Canada.

This website’s online store sells small quantities to retail customers of ready-to-ship machine keys that are in stock. For large quantity wholesale machine key orders or special order machine keys you need us to manufacture quickly, please visit our wholesale website.

Machine Keystock Express manufactures machine keys of the highest quality that meet ISO 9001 certifications. Our machine keys are manufactured with SS304 stainless steel and SC45 carbon steel and alloy steel in many sizes.

If you normally buy machine key stock to make your own machine keys, you may find it cheaper to buy our ready-made keys in the sizes you need, which can be less costly than your labor needed to work with key stock.

We manufacture several kinds of machine keys in many sizes:

  • Woodruff keys are half-circle shapes, with radius or flat bottoms. DIN-6888.
  • Parallel keys are rectangular shapes with ends that are square (DIN-6885-B), round (DIN-6885-A), or both (DIN-6885-AB). We have in stock ready-to-use keys in inch and metric sizes
  • Key stock is very long so you can cut it into whatever size machine keys you need. We have ready-to-ship key stock in inch and metric sizes.

Need Wholesale Quantities?

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